Main areas of practice

Corporate law and M&A projects; Advice to regulated financial (banks, payment systems) and investment industries (broker/dealer, forex, custody); Finance: bilateral and multilateral facilities; convertible, secured, structured and syndicated loans; Funds: set up and maintenance of hedge, private equity, regulated and unregulated, self-managed and crypto; Securities Markets: IPO, ICO, STO, depository receipts, tokenization of assets.


University of Georgia School of Law, Georgia, US;  LL.M Degree;    Focus on International Finance, Banking and Tax law; 1998

Canterbury Business School at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, Course of the Chancellor’s Financial Sector Scheme; Practical training with financial and legal departments of UK Vodafone PLC; 1996

Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow International Law Faculty; Degree in Law; Focus on Commercial Law and International Private Law; 1995



Ongoing legal support to the group of oil and coal trading companies: bilateral loans, trade finance agreements, structured and secured finance from RNKB over Rb 30 bln.

Representation of Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) on M&A and finance transactions in waste processing industry with subsequent syndication of investments.

Representation of “Rossiya” bank on its Rb 20bln loan syndication activities.

Legal support to Instamart Ltd. on convertible loan transaction (Rb 600 mln.)

Advice to IndDriver Ltd. On its convertible loan transaction with investors.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects: representation of issuers on more than dozen of  Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Security Token Offerings and assets tokenization projects (INS Ecosystem, SToken, Token Stars, etc.), creation of crypto hedge and private equity funds; regulatory advice on activities of crypto-exchanges, multilateral trading facilities, circulation of tokens in US and Europe; sorting out legal and compliance issues for token issuers; licensing of blockchain based gaming businesses; structuring and regulatory advice to crypto payment systems; advice on use of blockchain based instruments for sanctioned industries; sorting out regulatory|ci\ompliance issues with US SEC.

Ongoing legal support to management of assets frozen under the sanctions regime of US and EU: obtaining OFAC and other governmental agencies licensees, permissions and exemptions; access to arbitration, legal advisory, banking settlement, corporate and investment administration resources under the statutory established exemptions; advice on compliant trading with sanctioned producers and with sanctioned goods; sanctions stress-testing for various industries.

Banking and Finance

Building up a Russian investment bank and investment holding.  Development of investment bank design, market and business strategy, organizational, management and shareholders structure, profit and tax allocation structure. Establishment of investment group holding consisting of investment bank, real estate, private activity and asset management (hedge funds, wealth management, mutual funds, entrusted management, pension and insurance fund management.

US$ 14 bln. foreign debt restructuring. Legal and organizational activity aimed at remediation of BTA Bank default under the foreign tradable notes, publicly listed notes and other securities, bilateral, syndicated and trade finance facilities, etc. Working out restructuring solutions,  negotiations with the lenders, documenting the deals.

Structuring and Building Up International Banking Holding. Legal and organizational work aimed at making an international banking holding comprising of two Kazakh, three Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Armenian, Georgian, Kirgiz, Turkish banks. Creation of ownership and management structure. Implementation of group standards. Tax and regulatory planning.

Post Acquisition Restructuring of Russian/Cayman/Cypriot/Kazakh/Ukrainian  Holdings of UBS AG: organizational/corporate structure changes to meet new business and compliance requirements (revision of taxation practices, reformation of revenue booking and compensation models, introduction of a new corporate governance and management structure, compliance to Russian, international and UBS global standards).

Launch of Fully Licensed UBS Investment Bank in Russia (FI, FX, Derivatives, Equities): building up corporate infrastructure (incorporation, capitalization, corporate governance); business infrastructure (stock exchange memberships, links with counterparties/CBR/self governing orgs./SWIFT/REUTERS, financing, etc.) and legal infrastructure (RCB/FSFM/FSB licenses/permits/certificates, agreements, regulations, policies, defense measures).

Launch of Wealth Management (private banking) Business in Russia: legal and administrative support to offering of full range of private banking services (trust management, brokerage, cash accounts, lending, custody, etc.) out of Moscow OOO UBS Bank.

Arranging Exit of International Investment Group from its Russian Investments: legal support to sale of Russian companies and assets; restructuring of international holdings – split for private banking investments and private equity investments; succession planning.

Assisting High Wealth Foreign Individual With Investments into Russian Assets: structuring and international tax planning of foreign investments into restricted Gazprom securities through SPV’s. Creation of holding structures; establishing investment, management and control mechanisms; capitalization, financing,  maintenance, exit from investments, repatriation, liquidation. Due diligence of dozens of Russian and Ukrainian assets (land, pharmaceutical, gas, transportation, real estate, etc. for potential acquisition).

Special Situations

Resolution of loans related dispute of Energomash, Sberbank, MDM Bank, Peterokommerz bank.

Post-acquisition replacement of hostile management and asserting control over Sberbank affiliated fund management company.

Port Vitino (Murmansk) shareholders dispute resolution. Assistance to AlvarezvMarsal in taking over control over the port and its parent company.

Settlement of dispute arising out of share purchase agreement between Russian and foreign shareholders of Samara ElectroShieldcompany.

Asserting management control over the fund portfolio company of Sberbank Venture Capital. Minority shareholder squeeze out.

Controlled bankruptcy fund of the fund portfolio company of Sberbank Venture Capital.

Bankruptcy fights. Representing owners of Odessa Oil Refinery in bankruptcy proceeding.


Setting up Joint Venture of Major Russian State Owned Bank and Major Energy Equipment Producer: structuring, document drafting, implementation.

Private Equity and Venutre Capital Investments of Svyaznoy Group into “Shopoholic”, “Enter”, “SumUp”, “TVZor”, NetByNet”:due diligence, structuring, document drafting, execution, on-going project support.

Sberbank Venture Capital (former Troyka): legal support to investment and management activities of four Russian ZPIFs: Moscow region, Tatarstan, Krasnoyarsk, Skolkovo-Nanotech (projects: Safe’n’Sec, VideoMax, Biomedica, TVC).

Aton Private Equity Fund Investments into “36.6”, “NetByNet”, “Henderson”:due diligence, structuring, document drafting, execution, on-going project support.

Acquisition of Yukos/Sibneft by Exxon/Mobil (over $50 bln): due diligence; tax issues research; transfer pricing; transaction structuring. Deal terminated.

Merger and De-merger  of OMZ Group Companies and SilovyeMashiny (over $200 mln): structuring, negotiating, corporate actions, documents drafting, state registrations/de-registrations.

Sale of OMZ to State Controlled Bank (over $60 mln). Full legal support starting from term sheet and ending with post closing matters.

Sale of BurovyeMashiny to Integra (over $40 mln). Full legal support.

Created Joint Venture of Shipbuilding Business of OMZ with third party business (over $40 mln). Full legal support.

Participated in creation of Hedge and Private Equity Funds for Svyaznoy, Alfa bank, Sun Capital, Troyka, Brunswick, Cargill: drafting constituent documents; setting up fund entities and management structure; business and tax structuring.

Spin off of Polus Gold from Norilsk Nickel, including cancellation and cashing out NN ADR holders: structuring, drafting, corporate actions, correspondence with US SEC, solving the issues with contesting Russian shareholders.

Spin off of RAO UES generating and transportation entities. Dealing with ADR holders.

Capital Markets

IPO of NLMK: Due diligence, corporate restructuring, IPO preparation procedures: prospectus drafting, listing, registration with financial authorities.

IPO of Cherkizovsky. Due diligence, corporate restructuring, IPO preparation procedures. Failed deal for Debevoise.

IPO Verysell. Due diligence, corporate restructuring.  Transaction was terminated at the early stage.

Daily support to Capital Markets team of UBS. Several IPOs, Bonds issuances, fairness opinions, market making services annually.

Active legal support to derivative FX and FI teams of UBS London /Moscow. Drafting of model agreements for Russian bank FX/FI transactions (spot, tomorrow, forward, money deposits, option agreements, interest rate swaps, cross currency rate swap, structured products, repo). Participation in development of Russian ISDA model agreement.

Real Estate

Construction and Maintenance of Center of International Trade in Nizhniy Novgorod.

Participating in construction of Voklswagen assembly facilities in Kaluga.

Acquisition and Sale of various Real Estate Assets (office buildings, warehouse facilities, land parcels, plots for development and construction sites).

Transfin-M borrowing Rub 19,8bln from VTB Capital Plc, London: review of terms sheet and LMA syndicated loan facility, legal opinion, corporate actions.

Entering in and daily maintenance of more than 300 bilateral, syndicated and structured loan facilities: drafting, negotiating, execution, waivers, prolongation, restructuring.

Aeroflot Finance/Operating Aircraft Leases (up to $1 bln within several years): documents drafting; legal research; obtaining customs exemptions.

Citibank Secured Trade Financing for Niznekamskneftekhim (NKNH)(over $20mln): documents drafting; arranging collateral.

On-going Support to Fixed Income Team of UBS AG on their lending projects to Russian borrowers.

Arbitration/Litigation/Work with State Enforcement Agencies

Class Action of US Shareholders of Yukos vs. Yukos Group and Management: preparation for litigation; management interviews; US discoveries procedures; issuance of Russian tax opinions; sorting D&O insurance issues.

International Arbitration of NLMK against German Equipment Producer: building up a case; work with arbitrators.

Numerous litigations of UBS against Russian Tax Authorities: developed defense strategy and measures internally and with External Counsels.

Tax litigation for Norwegian Client against Russian Tax Authorities.


Representing Suntory on establishment of its Russian operations. Distribution arrangements.

Representing Sumitomo Chemicals on establishment of its Russian operations. Distribution arrangements.

Representing Volvo Europe in its negotiation with Russian Ministry of Economy regarding customs duties on importation of spear parts and localization of the Volvo vehicles assembly and manufacturing;

Legal support to Kaluga Regional Development Corporation on various matters relating to building up Volkswagen manufacturing facilities.

Structuring and legal formalization of factoring (debt assignment) activities for John Deer in Russia;

Legal assistance to Sumitomo Agro in Russia on structuring chemical sales, licensing, certification and compliance issues;

Representation of Disney Corp. on the matters relating to establishment of Disney retail network in Russia;

Legal support to major US internet service provider in cash settlement industry in establishment of presence in Russia through joint venture with Russian partner and launch of business;

Legal support to Toyota Corporation for establishment of its presence in Russia and building up dealership network;

Representing Suntory Liquors (Japan) on matters relating to establishment of presence in Russia, building up distribution channels through Russian dealers, alcohol sale licensing;

Representing L’Oreal Cosmetics in commercial secrecy litigation against Russian distributors;

Legal assistance to Verysell (Russian distributor of IT equipment) on matters relating to importation of goods into Russia, distribution agreements with foreign manufactures;

Representing major Russian distributor of telecommunication equipment in FCPA investigation of US prosecutor’s office;

Servicing Philip Morris on all issues relating to constriction of its production facilities in St. Petersburg (Izhora) and Krasnodar, advertising and marketing activities in Russia; FCPA and currency control compliance;

Legal support to Pepsi Cola in Russia in product distribution, food safety, consumer protection issuers.

Representing Aeroflot Airlines on matters relating to purchase, lease and importation of aircrafts in Russia, negotiations with Russian Government on VAT and customs duty exemptions, registration and certification of aircrafts with aviation authorities in Russia.

Representing Schlumberger, UBS, Microsoft, Citrix, SumUp on matters relating to importation and use of encryption equipment/software in Russia, respective licensing and certification.